Lopunny catwalk WIP

This is the Work in progress of my Lopunny catwalk in pictures. With this Lopunny catwalk WIP I try to show how I made the animation and maybe, if you try this on your own, you can avoid mistakes I made. Here we go:

Step1: Outlines

Lopunny´s outlines

I drew the outlines of one picture. I avoided to much details because the more of them the harder it gets. Maybe this are to much details already.

 Step2: ColoringBasic coloring of Lopunny

I colored Lopunny quick and just the basic colors. (Sorry forget to translate the colors but I think you are able to see which color fits to which part) As you can see I forgot to erase a few outlines of her head.

Step3: Detailing the face of Lopunny

Face details
Here I put some details in the face of Lopunny. I still colored the basics only.

Step4: Shading Lopunnyshading Lopunny

I started to shade Lopunny in an easy way but with focus on more details. I will put on some fur later but first I tried to find the best shading.

Step5: adding some detailsdetails

In this step I added some details to Lopunny like the fur. As I said before, keep in mind the more details you add the more you have to change in every frame.

Step6: Outline every frame to a seriesseries of outlines

Here I finished to outline the rest of my sketches. This was the time when I first noticed a huge Lag and I decided to put another frame between the 22 and 23. This softens the lag and it´s not easy to notice the lag anymore. Even if there are a lot of lags left.

Step7:coloring the rest

At last I had to color every frame. To achieve some smooth changing between the frames, I had the glory idea to copy the colored layers from one pic1 to pic2, from pic2 to pic3, … and so on. This will easily do the trick but even though I made some mistakes with the shading.

Finally I want to say, next time – if there will be a next time – I have to plan things better. For my first animation it turned out very well I guess but I´m not satisfied. I like the face but thats the only thing. 😉  You can see the Video here Lopunny catwalk on devianArt.com.  If you have any questions, critique or tips, don´t hold them back. I appreciate every help I can get for the next time. Although I don´t believe I will make another animation. 🙂

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