New picture with Lopunny out!!!

Lopunny lying on a bedHere it is… my new picture of Lopunny. Named it “Dont even try”.

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(Click on the picture to have a bigger version with better quality)

So this is my version of Lopunny lying on a bed. Wanted to have her Ecchi, tell me if I succed.

The babydoll was a challenge to draw. Tried to have it as one layer but problem than is the proper shading, having it split to several layers caused an ugly overlaying effect where the edge of two layers overlap.

Again I made a soft fur. Only a touch. My bunny at home has a dense fur with various colors. One hair is aprox. 1.5″ long. I only tried to copy the length.

Yes I know, Lopunny does not have 5 fingers and her coat on the breast is more a bright yellow. Normally I draw her with 3 fingers but this time I wanted to have her 5. To the color thing: I do not like the bright fur on her breasts, thats the only reason I did not draw it.

btw: Hope the message of the pic is clear.

Leave a comment if you want to know something or have some critiques. There are always welcome coz it helps improving my abbilites.

260 layers

can´t say how much time I needed coz I lost the overview after weeks. Not that I needed so long but often I had a lot “not working” – days between two drawing sessions.

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