New Renamon and Lopunny couple picture out

two hotties

Couple picture with Renamon and Lopunny

New couple picture with Renamon and Lopunny

Finally, after a long break and a few other holding ups, I finished my new picture. It is a couple picture with Renamon and Lopunny as you can see in the preview image on the left. Better version can be found at my deviantArt site or just click on the image.

It took some month for me to finish it. Not because of to the difficulty but I had to do a lot of other things. My drawing skill was a bit rusty but after an hour, it came back in full strength.

The couple picture is without outlines like my older pictures. I am used to it now and I will keep this style. Hope you like it…

My next picture will be a portrait. 🙂

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