WIP: Desktop wallpaper with Canina

Work in progress of a desktop wallpaper with Canina

I bought myself a new PC and a monitor with 1920×1080 resolution. I searched a few furry pictures with google image search and found nearly nothing. Of course there are a lot of furry pictures but not in my desired dimension. I decided, to make a desktop wallpaper by myself beginning with Canina lying on a seat. I had the idea as I were in the garden last week and made a quick sketch and redid it at home. I am in an early state of the wallpaper but I made the digitally sketch already. Guess I will do the inking next days. It will not be the last desktop wallpaper I do because I am planning to make also one with Milly.

My widget which always gave a percentage hint of how far I come, is unfortunately not compatible with the current WordPress version. I had to deactivate it to keep up the functionality of the rest of the site.

Pencil sketch of a desktop wallpaper

Pencil sketch of the wallpaper

Quick sketch just showing the pose and seat.

Digital sketch of a desktop wallpaper

Digital sketch of the wallpaper

Quick digital sketch. It is still not optimized. A better version is done with inking the lines. I always make a quick sketch to be able to make quick changes without focusing on details. You can see this in the face. Keep in mind, the details of the face is done with shading. I want to have an outline free character.

Colored sketch of a desktop wallpaper

Colored sketch of the wallpaper

Began to color the sketch. Since I do not use the path tool anymore, the edges are not smooth. But that will not become a problem later.

I redrew the paws

New paws

I redrew the paws and especially the toes and nails. I did not like the old anymore.

Right leg is partially shaded

Partially shaded legs

As you can see on the right picture, I quickly shaded the leg and paw. Took me around 30 minutes to sort things out. Have to improve some areas but guess that will not take long.I decided to do two versions of the desktop wallpaper. One with decent genitals and one without. The reason why I want to do this is facebook. As far as I know nudity is not allowed. Also I cannot upload 18+ content on my blog. Only “rated 16” is allowed.

Lower body is nearly  finished

Nearly finished lower body

The lower body is nearly finished and the desktop wallpaper should get finished in a few hours (depends on how often I have the time to draw).

Merged the forgotten sketch with the existing

Merged sketch

Yesterday, as I saw I forgot to censor the genitals, I also noticed I forgot to show the sketch with the ears and tail. I decided to merge both sketch-layers to one so it will not happen again. Further sketch-alterations will now show the full sketch. As another side effect of my bad memory, I forgot to color the ears and tail.I also added a sketch of the chair I want to have in. It is just an outline and maybe I leave it as such. I will decide that later.

Lower body is nearly finished

Nearly finished lower body

Added a bit more shading to the left paw and leg. Still have to color the tail and ears.

Body nearly finished

Nearly finished body

Body is nearly finished. Still the head and tail has to be done. Guess the tail gets improved next time I am working on it. Something does not please me.

Body nearly finished.

Nearly finished shading

The body is finished for now. Maybe I will change a few things in the next days. After a few times of reviewing, I am always find something worth improving.

Made a new face sketch

New face sketch

The old face was just a quick sketch which gave a slightly hint where thinks have to be. It is not the first picture where I change entire details after a few sessions. Guess a lot of artists make this. If not, I do not care.

Shaded the head and drew a new hair sketch

Shaded head and hair sketch

The face is already finished for now. I am a bit unsure about the mouth but I compared with a few other artists and similar headposes and I am not so far away from how it has to be done. The headform itself is changed a bit if you want to compare with “Canina’s Cave“.

Shaded hair. Maybe it is already finished.

Shaded hair

Did not changed the shading for the face but shaded the hair.

Canina is nearly fully shaded.

Canina nearly finished

Canina is almost finished. When I have finished the background for the desktop wallpaper, I will surely make some modifications on the shading and shadows. Actually I am a bit unsure what background I will draw. Maybe I just make a few sketches and clumsy coloring. But for a desktop wallpaper, white is not the best color. My monitor is really bright, pure white would make my eyes hurt. 😉

Added a more detailed sketch.

Background sketch

I did nut put much effort into the background and it turned out the way I wanted for my dekstop wallpaper.

Colored the background sketch with flat colors.

Flat colored background sketch

On the left you can see the finished version of my desktop wallpaper with canina. This is the version I will upload on dA but without censoring and the ugly url on the leg. I just put it in to prevent thieving and to be conform to my hosters rules. Also the quality of the picture is very low. If you click on it, you will be directed to the picture I uploaded on dA. (I will do this in a few seconds). In the next days I will add a version without genitals so I can show it on my facebook page.

Added a sketch for the pants and the bra.

Sketch for pants and bra

As you can see, I finished the sketch for the pants and bra today.

Shaded the pants and bra.

Colored and shaded clothes

Finished with shading and finished with the desktop wallpaper. Uploaded it here.

Hope I did not forget something. If so, I will correct it.

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