Canina back pose and sketch

Canina back Pose

Canina back pose

I bought myself a Wacom Intuos Pro M and created Canina back pose with it. Canina sexy side pose was still colored with my Wacom Pen tablet. It also was the first time I colored a picture with 2HD Resolution. A friend of mine gave me this advise. But I had some weird wavy color effects I did not recognized before. I do not know how to describe them but their are gone with the Intuos Pro. I also tried changing to 16bit channel but I guess this is not the reason. I still cannot say why this happened. The effect is still noticeable if Canina sexy side pose is viewed at 1920×1080. Even on my 1080 LED screen.

Never mind… the important thing now is: I have a new picture Canina back pose.

I am a bit unsure if I insert the picture into my Magazine Project. I do not wanted to have a pic of mine in it but I am lacking of alternatives.


Sketch of Canina back pose

Sketch of Canina back pose

I also made the sketch of Canina back pose with the Intuos Pro and uploaded it here on Just klick on the picture to the left. It is free for use as long as you follow the terms of use. If you use it, I would like to know what you have done with it.

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