Another side pose of Canina

Antoher posing picture with Canina

Sidepose with Canina

After a few weeks of drawing nothing I decided to draw myself a new desktop background with Canina. I am experimenting again with Canina. Trying out something new. I just keep the colors but I tried to shade Canina in one go instead of many. Means I need a lot less layers and time. Asked a few friends and they said: it’s a step backwards in quality but also a step forward in future when I get used to that. (One of them is a graduated arts student. Learned a lot from him. Many things about lightning I learned from him.)

My reinventing of Canina comes also by my new Intuos tablet I bought myself at the beginning of this year. It is much softer than my old Bamboo fun. I also had the opportunity to draw on a Cintiq 22HD and on a Cintiq 13HD. Both are fine pieces but I had a uncomfortable feeling while using. The brush and the pen had an offset so that I still looked at the brush instead at the pen. Even after many calibrations I still had that feeling. On the other hand, a Cintiq greatly improved my accuracy because I knew exactly at which point I draw. Guess that is just a question practice. Many artists at deviantArt or Furaffinity do use an Intuos or Bamboo. Yes of course a Cintiq has its price but if you google, you will get a lot of people saying they prefer their Intuos.

I also decided to not watermark my preview pictures anymore. My friend asked me why I do this and I could not answer him. They still have a much lower quality because I upload them as a gif and a much smaller size. A better version can always be found at deviantArt. You just have to click on the preview image.

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