More sketches of Milly

As I was in a training course for drawing realistic human bodies last year, I drew a lot of body parts just for training. Legs, feet, hands, heads, booties, boobs, …. The course lasted three month, three days a weak and 90 minutes each. I am a quick learner I was told and I am improved in that three month. One of the big topics was lightning. Unfortunately we drew only human bodies but most of that can be used for furries too. My last work Canina Sexy Side Pose, Canina Back Bose, Canina Another Side Pose and Canina Side Pose II is a result of that course. Of course I still need practice with fur, hair and face proportions but I never said I am perfect. I already joined the next course beginning in June. Same topic but with a different trainer. We also get a living model instead of one displayed via beamer.

Another result of my training are the following sketches of Milly. They are made really quick (1 to 2 minutes pear sketch) and some joints may be misplaced but the rest should be ok. I also cleaned the sketches afterwards a little bit. Digital sketches tend to be more clean than ones made with pencil. But that could also be true just for me.

Milly's Proportions

Proportions of Milly

These are a quick basic sketch just to show you the proportions. We used the greek canon for human bodies. I tried to adopt it to create Millys body proportions.
Milly's Body I

Body sketches of Milly

Milly's Body II

Body sketches of Milly

After drawing the basics about 100+ times, I got a definite feeling for what belongs where. The trick I learned is, just draw basics fast and often enough to get a feeling for the movement of the hand. It also trains the view for shapes. Sounds ridiculous but it works. Of course I drew the body more than one time. The best are here.

Milly's hands

Hands sketches of Milly

I did not had much trouble drawing the hand. I like how they came out. Maybe some of them are a bit clumsy but this is ok for sketches. I started to imagine where the joints should be and added basic bones. After that, basic shapes like ovals or rectangles help to find the real shapes. Erasing the help shapes an et voilà, I got Milly’s Hand.

Milly's head

Head sketches of Milly

The head was and is always the most difficult body part I had to draw. In the training course, we did not draw heads very often and when we did, it was a human head. I took a lot reference pictures and tried to create my own head. I wanted to have Milly’s head a bit more human than other artists would draw. But this is called artistic freedom right? Most people do not see a cow in the sketches. That may be a problem.

Milly's legs

Leg sketches of Milly

The legs were as easy to draw as the hands. There is not much space to do something wrong. Just do the joints and the bones and put around basic shapes. The real shape is just one step ahead. For the foot, I took a closer look on a real cow’s foot. It is not difficult to draw but I think the joints are a bit higher than the ones for humans. Take a look at the basic and you see what I mean. If this is the truth? Cannot say because no one drew a cowanthro – proportions image so far.

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