Presentation of Canina and Milly (WIP)

Work in progress of a picture named presentation with my two very own and unique characters Canina and Milly. I had a talk with two of my friends and we came to the topic: How would you feel if you are standing naked in front of a crowd to your feets?

I never stood above others so I cannot say. But I had a sudden inspiration of putting Milly and Canina above a crowd. Naked of course. I first wanted to put that scene in a little comic. Milly is dragging Canina on a elevated platform with eyes covered behind a scarf or something. I mean Milly is used to have a lot of attention but Canina is not. A last not the way Milly is. As the clicking and flashlight of the cameras begin, Canina is saying:” You gotta be kidding me!”. But a speechbubble would destroy the scene and I decided to make just one picture and tried to achieve the “I don´t want to be here” feeling of Canina in an other way. Honestly I am not sure If I did it right.

I asked my two friends to pose like I described to have a reference. Of course they were not nude. Their boyfriends would kill me.

I made a lot of sketches and took only the best for outlining.

A rough sketch of Canina and Milly

Rough sketch

The picture on the left shows a quick draft of Canina and Milly. I put Canina a bit behind Milly and wanted to have her holding Milly’s hand. Canina is more a decent nudemodel and not used to have a lot visual attention. Milly is more familiar with such situations. That is why she stands in front.

More precise sketch from a rough sketch

More precise sketch

Here is a more precise sketch of Canina and Milly. I used different colors for each body and others for hair. Of course I have them on different layers but I also wanted to have a visual separation. I redid this part a lot until I got the final result. I had much difficulties with the hands holding each other. Never drew something before. Normally I have only one character on a picture.

Final sketch; also outlined

Final sketch

This is the final sketch. I improved a few areas further more and cleaned out the unused lines. I also outlined everything.

Colored the sketch

Basic coloring

I did basic coloring. I forgot how time consuming coloring can be. Needed around 90 minutes. I could not fill the shapes with the bucket so I needed to do it by hand. Next time I take care of proper outlining. Coloring is much faster with good outlines.The hair is improved later. I have a special brush for shaping the border of the hair so no need to be exact.

Coloring of the hair

Hair coloring

I had a pause of exactly two month. Being involved into two software projects, I do not had the time to draw anything. I needed around 4h for the hair. I never was good at drawing and shading hair. I would avoid it if I could but I cannot with this pose. I also want to be good at it one day so I have to practice. I redrew and reshaded the hair very often until this result. It is the best I can do for now. I also tried a new tail and hairstyling. Maybe I will redo the hair later… guess I will not.I have a lot of reference pictures of hair. More than I can count. I also did a lot of hair sketches. The sketches with pencil always look better but I cannot adopt it digital. I watched many artists on Youtube drawing hair. It looks so easy when they do but I cannot achieve the same. I am better at shading bodies because I am doing this for many years now.In the first class primary school I shaded an apple with a B2 pencil and my fingertip. My teacher was astonished. My desk neighbour was a girl a half year older than me. Name is Lisa. She was able to draw humans with perfect hair and shading. She was really really talented. Do not know what she is doing today. Never saw her again after primary. I was always jealousy of her.

Nearly finished Canina (r)

Canina (r) nearly finished

 After around 2 hours, I finished the shading of Canina. I had to correct the most outlines because they were not smooth. I still thinking about darkening the hair a lot more. It seems to me it is to bright and does not fit. The light is coming in front of Milly and Canina top right and top left position. But on the other side, hair is can carry a lot of light and I tried a few settings in the lightroom of the architects at the university. The hair was always brighter the the rest of the body parts. Guess I have to ask my friend on that one.

Milly half shaded (L)

Began to shade Milly (L)

I began to shade Milly this morning. The long pause takes it’s toll because I had difficulties with the back. I am still not pleased with the outcome and will definitely do some rework on it.

Finished picture

Finished picture

Today I finished presentation of Canina and Milly. After a long break of exactly two month, I made a few mistakes with shading and had to redo them. I found it hard on some areas, especially the back of Milly and the hair.

If you click the picture on the left, you will be redirected to the big version uploaded on deviantArt. Hope you like it.

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