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Furry magazine project


I thought about making a magazine about furrys, anthros etc.. I thought about a magazine like Playboy. I did not get much replies up to now. But I also have admit I did not had the time to ask around much. So I want to do it again.

Guess everyone knows the playboy magazine. It’s not about sex as many might think but more about stories, beauties with datasheets and similar hot stuff. Maybe we could make some interviews with the artists and their fursonas, creations or whatever. Guess the details have to be discussed. Do not know how often playboy or heat have a new magazine but once in a month should be doable. But for this I need a few drawers, designers, writers… whoever wants to help. The style of drawing shouldn’t play such a great role. I think spreading via pdf is enough for the first time. Anything else would cost.

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Spraying art, thoughts about deviantArt and furaffinity

Ways of self-promoting

After two years of being active on deviantArt, I thought about the way I spray my art. Before joining deviantArt, I checked how thinks work there and how the artist spray their pictures. I came to the conclusion, having a lot of watchers who telling others about your creations is the way it goes.  The only hard thing is, to get a lot of watchers.  Today I know, I was wrong. Not totally but lets say with 75%.

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