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Presentation of Milly and Canina



My newest picture of Canina and Milly. The story behind it can be red here. I began Presentation in June and finished it today. Not that I needed so long but I was involved in two software project and had no time for two month. Click on the picture to have a bigger version hosted on deviantArt.

More sketches of Milly

As I was in a training course for drawing realistic human bodies last year, I drew a lot of body parts just for training. Legs, feet, hands, heads, booties, boobs, …. The course lasted three month, three days a weak and 90 minutes each. I am a quick learner I was told and I am improved in that three month. One of the big topics was lightning. Unfortunately we drew only human bodies but most of that can be used for furries too. My last work Canina Sexy Side Pose, Canina Back Bose, Canina Another Side Pose and Canina Side Pose II is a result of that course. Of course I still need practice with fur, hair and face proportions but I never said I am perfect. I already joined the next course beginning in June. Same topic but with a different trainer. We also get a living model instead of one displayed via beamer.

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New side pose of Canina

Canina pose from the side

Canina SidePose III

Had to draw Canina again. Saw a very dark picture in an art magazine at the university on which just the face was visible. Tried to adopt it but with more than just the face. I like it. Maybe it is just me but in some way Canina looks a bit scared. I also improved the nose. The earlier versions were clumsy but this here I really like.I also upload a sketch this time. It is free for use as long as you follow the terms of use. If you use it, I would like to know what you have done with it.

I do not wanted here to smile but she does. 😉 Btw I tried a new mouth. I looked at my dog and redrew it. Kinda good I think.

Needed around 44 layers. One layer each for the body, head and eyes. Two for the hair. These layers have layers for the shading. The head has also a layer for the nose… etc.

The originial PSD has 300dpi and a resolution of 3840×2160 (2xHD)

Sketch of Canina Sidepose III

Canina Sidepose III Sketch

Another side pose of Canina

Antoher posing picture with Canina

Sidepose with Canina

After a few weeks of drawing nothing I decided to draw myself a new desktop background with Canina. I am experimenting again with Canina. Trying out something new. I just keep the colors but I tried to shade Canina in one go instead of many. Means I need a lot less layers and time. Asked a few friends and they said: it’s a step backwards in quality but also a step forward in future when I get used to that. (One of them is a graduated arts student. Learned a lot from him. Many things about lightning I learned from him.)

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Canina back pose and sketch

Canina back Pose

Canina back pose

I bought myself a Wacom Intuos Pro M and created Canina back pose with it. Canina sexy side pose was still colored with my Wacom Pen tablet. It also was the first time I colored a picture with 2HD Resolution. A friend of mine gave me this advise. But I had some weird wavy color effects I did not recognized before. I do not know how to describe them but their are gone with the Intuos Pro. I also tried changing to 16bit channel but I guess this is not the reason. I still cannot say why this happened. The effect is still noticeable if Canina sexy side pose is viewed at 1920×1080. Even on my 1080 LED screen.

Never mind… the important thing now is: I have a new picture Canina back pose.

I am a bit unsure if I insert the picture into my Magazine Project. I do not wanted to have a pic of mine in it but I am lacking of alternatives.


Sketch of Canina back pose

Sketch of Canina back pose

I also made the sketch of Canina back pose with the Intuos Pro and uploaded it here on Just klick on the picture to the left. It is free for use as long as you follow the terms of use. If you use it, I would like to know what you have done with it.

Canina sexy side pose

Canina sexy side pose


Yesterday I colored an older sketch of Canina I found recently while tidy up my storage room.

Coloring took me 2h for the 6 layers. I am planning to put it into my furry magazine because I am lacking of pictures.

Click on the picture for a bigger version without the watermark.

What’s up?


So yeah I was quite busy since I am in the 4th semester. I chose 3 practical courses and for all those, who study as well know, this is a big undertaking. Sure, some guys told me before but I did not believe them. 😉 But the fact of the matter is that I have good chances to succeed. Whatever… the point is, I had no time to draw anything. I made a quick sketch here and then but nothing really worth completing nor showing. But I have an idea I want to draw first before I do my next wallpaper. Continue reading

Sketches of Milly

I decided to upload a few sketches I did the last week. They are no new inventions, I just redrew them to have some training. The guy who taught me some tricks said I would have an unusual drawing style. The way I hold the pencil and do the shading is a bit strange but he liked it. I never red a book about drawing characters but I watched a lot of speed drawings on Youtube. Tried it out myself and so I got my skills. Some do not like that others do… to be honest, I do not care. For myself counts the result.

The sketches were scanned by me but unfortunately very bad (maybe it is just my monitor). I will draw some new but this time digitally. I only do “analog” sketches when I have no pen tablet around. For example in a bus or car or at the university.

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What I drew the last two month

You may wondered what happened to me. Did not upload a damn thing so far and did not write anything in twitter. I do not want to tell the reasons so let us focus on the future. I am planning to upload some of my sketches I drew in the last 2 month. Had a few lectures about drawing characters and proper lightning. The light thing stills kills me but I became better in drawing characters. I drew a lot hands, feet, heads, breast, necks and so on. Human anatomy mainly but the most of the “human” parts are used in anthros. I always drew human bodies and put a Lopunny head on the shoulder. Guess I am getting the hang of it.

In the coming week, I will upload some basic sketches about anatomy. I will upload them here and on my deviantArt page.

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New Design for my blog

Finally I have got it done.

It is version 1.5 of my design. I worked hard on it over weeks and I hope, everything runs smooth. If not, than I will make some bugfixes you will not take notice of. One bug sited already.

The colors fit my fursona Canina. Nothing changed in functionality, I just sorted things a bit and added connectivity to my facebook and twitter account. I also added a few more links, which can be found in the “My profiles” tab.  In the next days, I will look over the “Terms”, which should be updated as well. New blog related posts will get a featured Image, showing my site logo.

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