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Presentation of Canina and Milly (WIP)

Work in progress of a picture named presentation with my two very own and unique characters Canina and Milly. I had a talk with two of my friends and we came to the topic: How would you feel if you are standing naked in front of a crowd to your feets?

I never stood above others so I cannot say. But I had a sudden inspiration of putting Milly and Canina above a crowd. Naked of course. I first wanted to put that scene in a little comic. Milly is dragging Canina on a elevated platform with eyes covered behind a scarf or something. I mean Milly is used to have a lot of attention but Canina is not. A last not the way Milly is. As the clicking and flashlight of the cameras begin, Canina is saying:” You gotta be kidding me!”. But a speechbubble would destroy the scene and I decided to make just one picture and tried to achieve the “I don´t want to be here” feeling of Canina in an other way. Honestly I am not sure If I did it right.

I asked my two friends to pose like I described to have a reference. Of course they were not nude. Their boyfriends would kill me.

I made a lot of sketches and took only the best for outlining. Continue reading

WIP: Desktop wallpaper with Canina

Work in progress of a desktop wallpaper with Canina

I bought myself a new PC and a monitor with 1920×1080 resolution. I searched a few furry pictures with google image search and found nearly nothing. Of course there are a lot of furry pictures but not in my desired dimension. I decided, to make a desktop wallpaper by myself beginning with Canina lying on a seat. I had the idea as I were in the garden last week and made a quick sketch and redid it at home. I am in an early state of the wallpaper but I made the digitally sketch already. Guess I will do the inking next days. It will not be the last desktop wallpaper I do because I am planning to make also one with Milly.

My widget which always gave a percentage hint of how far I come, is unfortunately not compatible with the current WordPress version. I had to deactivate it to keep up the functionality of the rest of the site. Continue reading

xxx couple WIP

xxx Couple

Currently I am drawing a couple while having sex. I never did this before and maybe it is the one and only I draw. It depends on how the people react on my picture.

So here we go. I had to censor the genitals due to certain laws. So if you do NOT want to see offensive pictures, do NOT read page 2. Content which is showed if you click read more: A xxx couple having sex. Only the genitals are censored.

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Tutorial of “I was waiting”

This is my second tutorial. It is supposed to be more of a guideline than a tutorial. Many things might will confuse you due to my lack of experience how to make a tutorial.

I will try to be as exact as possible so you can easily redo it with your own sketch. I also upload my sketch for this so you can take it and try it on your own or use it otherwise. Before loading the sketch, please read the copyright terms first!!!You can find them and the files in the head-menu.  If you have any questions, critiques or you need more details with something, please do not hesitate to ask them. I am online everyday and I will answer every question as soon as possible. One important thing I want to say again: This tutorial is just for the Renamon. I do not make one for the background. The amount of time needed just for Renamon – sketching, outlining, coloring and the tutorial – is high enough, that I surely need a week  or more. (Today it is the 09.10.2011) Keep in mind I begun studying computer science last week… 😉 What do you need for this tutorial:

  • Program which can handle layers (Photoshop, GIMP, Paintshop Pro, etc.)
  • You must know your Program, do not think I will explain how to use a brush or something. At least, advanced skills would be great. Beginners will have a hard time with this tutorial.

Optional needs:

  • Pen tablet!!! You do not believe how this small tool boosts your workflow. I use the Wacom pen only tablet. It is the cheapest version but is really enough.All my pictures were made with it.
  • Experience is always good but you can do it without. You just need longer then 😉

But at first, a preamble: 
Please do not bother me with discussions about the sex of Renamon, which colors she have, which clothes or whatever. If you do not like the Idea of Renamon is female or having purple eyes, you should not go on.

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Lopunny catwalk WIP

This is the Work in progress of my Lopunny catwalk in pictures. With this Lopunny catwalk WIP I try to show how I made the animation and maybe, if you try this on your own, you can avoid mistakes I made. Here we go:

Step1: Outlines

Lopunny´s outlines

I drew the outlines of one picture. I avoided to much details because the more of them the harder it gets. Maybe this are to much details already.

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