Presentation of Canina and Milly (WIP)

Work in progress of a picture named presentation with my two very own and unique characters Canina and Milly. I had a talk with two of my friends and we came to the topic: How would you feel if you are standing naked in front of a crowd to your feets?

I never stood above others so I cannot say. But I had a sudden inspiration of putting Milly and Canina above a crowd. Naked of course. I first wanted to put that scene in a little comic. Milly is dragging Canina on a elevated platform with eyes covered behind a scarf or something. I mean Milly is used to have a lot of attention but Canina is not. A last not the way Milly is. As the clicking and flashlight of the cameras begin, Canina is saying:” You gotta be kidding me!”. But a speechbubble would destroy the scene and I decided to make just one picture and tried to achieve the “I don´t want to be here” feeling of Canina in an other way. Honestly I am not sure If I did it right.

I asked my two friends to pose like I described to have a reference. Of course they were not nude. Their boyfriends would kill me.

I made a lot of sketches and took only the best for outlining. Continue reading

WIP: Desktop wallpaper with Canina

Work in progress of a desktop wallpaper with Canina

I bought myself a new PC and a monitor with 1920×1080 resolution. I searched a few furry pictures with google image search and found nearly nothing. Of course there are a lot of furry pictures but not in my desired dimension. I decided, to make a desktop wallpaper by myself beginning with Canina lying on a seat. I had the idea as I were in the garden last week and made a quick sketch and redid it at home. I am in an early state of the wallpaper but I made the digitally sketch already. Guess I will do the inking next days. It will not be the last desktop wallpaper I do because I am planning to make also one with Milly.

My widget which always gave a percentage hint of how far I come, is unfortunately not compatible with the current WordPress version. I had to deactivate it to keep up the functionality of the rest of the site. Continue reading

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