What’s up?


So yeah I was quite busy since I am in the 4th semester. I chose 3 practical courses and for all those, who study as well know, this is a big undertaking. Sure, some guys told me before but I did not believe them. 😉 But the fact of the matter is that I have good chances to succeed. Whatever… the point is, I had no time to draw anything. I made a quick sketch here and then but nothing really worth completing nor showing. But I have an idea I want to draw first before I do my next wallpaper. Continue reading

Sketches of Milly

I decided to upload a few sketches I did the last week. They are no new inventions, I just redrew them to have some training. The guy who taught me some tricks said I would have an unusual drawing style. The way I hold the pencil and do the shading is a bit strange but he liked it. I never red a book about drawing characters but I watched a lot of speed drawings on Youtube. Tried it out myself and so I got my skills. Some do not like that others do… to be honest, I do not care. For myself counts the result.

What I drew the last two month

You may wondered what happened to me. Did not upload a damn thing so far and did not write anything in twitter. I do not want to tell the reasons so let us focus on the future. I am planning to upload some of my sketches I drew in the last 2 month. Had a few lectures about drawing characters and proper lightning. The light thing stills kills me but I became better in drawing characters. I drew a lot hands, feet, heads, breast, necks and so on. Human anatomy mainly but the most of the “human” parts are used in anthros. I always drew human bodies and put a Lopunny head on the shoulder. Guess I am getting the hang of it.

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