carmelita fox

Stay tuned… working on a sketch

Hey guys,

currently I am working on a sketch. Want to make something special, something I haven´t done yet plus I still haven´t decided which character I choose. Krystal is still new to me also Carmelita Fox but they are both relatively popular. Canina I didn´t drew  for a while but she doesn´t fit into the scene so she can sit on her chair. Also Renamon can go away coz I drew her last time. Lopunny is one of my favorite coz she is always sexy in every scene. 😉

Be suprised…

Something I want to add to kill some hopes or feed some thoughts: I don´t show you how I make my sketch. How to draw a sketch is chewed billions of  times. Everyone can draw (except me but I love pathes and the path tool ^^) and you find tons of videos in the video portal of your choice. And btw… a magician never tells his secrets ;).

Think I will finish my sketch today or tomorrow but I don´t promise.

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