Spraying art, thoughts about deviantArt and furaffinity

Ways of self-promoting

After two years of being active on deviantArt, I thought about the way I spray my art. Before joining deviantArt, I checked how thinks work there and how the artist spray their pictures. I came to the conclusion, having a lot of watchers who telling others about your creations is the way it goes.  The only hard thing is, to get a lot of watchers.  Today I know, I was wrong. Not totally but lets say with 75%.

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It is been a while since I wrote or did something. Had a lot things to do. Okay now to the updates:

I decided to try a “Let’s draw”. Means I record my creation process while commenting what I do. Guess that is much more interesting than a the WIP – videos  I did before. If it gets a few positive reactions, I will go on with that. Next thing on the list of updates is, I joined Furaffinity. You can check out my furaffinity site here or with just pressing on the button in the top menu. The reasons for joining furaffinity 2 years after joining deviantArt are a bit complicated. The simplest one is, I just wanted to wait and get some reactions to my art. The main reason is a bit deeper within. Really fast I had the feeling, I would only get famous with favoriting a huge amount of other submissions. There are members with just one piece of art but 20 pageviews per day and why? He has 15,000 favorites. Of course, furaffinity is not different but the main target group are anthro – fans and I am an anthro designer. In facts, I uploaded 15 of my deviations and quite a few of them have more favorites and views already. Even my page – view per day raised today to 15. Thinking further… I uploaded a lot of pictures in 10:00 cet but the most users sleep at this time because it is night in the USA. I will see tomorrow what happens…

That is it with the updates. Stay tuned.

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