Two new pictures

Portrait of Lopunny

Lopunny Portrait

Two new pictures uploaded to deviantArt

Today I uploaded two new pictures with Lopunny. Click on the example to the left or here. If you clicked, you can see the description where you can find another link, leading to a picture which shows different versions of the Lopunny portrait. Unforntunately I was not able to draw fur so the last version is unfinished but read more in the description of the pictures.

New Renamon and Lopunny couple picture out

two hotties

Couple picture with Renamon and Lopunny

New couple picture with Renamon and Lopunny

Finally, after a long break and a few other holding ups, I finished my new picture. It is a couple picture with Renamon and Lopunny as you can see in the preview image on the left. Better version can be found at my deviantArt site or just click on the image.

It took some month for me to finish it. Not because of to the difficulty but I had to do a lot of other things. My drawing skill was a bit rusty but after an hour, it came back in full strength.

The couple picture is without outlines like my older pictures. I am used to it now and I will keep this style. Hope you like it…

My next picture will be a portrait. 🙂

WIP videos online

Finished with rendering and uploading the videos

Yesterday, after 10 hours of rendering 3 days ago, the WIP videos of  “What You See Is What You Get” – the Lopunny wallpaper – are fully uploaded on YouTube. Here you are: wysiwyg. I allowed to comment there but you can comment here as well, what I would prefer. 🙂

In addition, I uploaded the sketches which are showed at the beginning of the first part video. Again please read the copyright terms before using. This is absolutely necessary.

WIP Video of the Lopunny wallpaper online

Yesterday I uploaded the WIP videos to the Lopunny wallpaper I mentioned in the last, on 07.Feb published, news “Lopunny walpaper“. All parts show how I color lopunny and the background. All videos can be found in my YouTube channel. Due to my YouTube upgrade Google was so kind to grant me, I was able to upload the videos as the parts they should be. Means, I could upload videos with more than 15 minutes duration. Read further for more details…


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Lopunny wallpaper

wysiwyg by QozbroQqn

Lopunny wallpaper preview

Lopunny wallpaper finished

Here it is, my new Lopunny wallpaper. I am still working on the WIP – Videos due to the long rendering time it takes. Did not know 9h of material take more than 24h to fit together. 🙁 Problem is the embedded codec which virtualDub cannot handle. But if I take a different codec while recording, the video gets HUGE or the quality is really bad. Next step is to edit the material with virtualDub. Guess I can upload the videos in a few days. I will post it then here…

To the Lopunny wallpaper: I needed around 9 hours to work on 178 layers. A lot of different shadings and masks were needed and my pentip is a few micrometers shorter. 😉 First I wanted to try a whole new shadingmethod, which need much less layers. But at the beginning I noticed, it will not work. I always have layers for overlapping parts with a special effect layer attached to it and that would not work with an overall layer or a layer with more than one bodypart. I stayed with my own style until I´ll imagine an other way. To be honest, the quality would not get better, just the amount of layers would be decreased while the difficulty increase.

The details of the Lopunny wallpaper:
178 layers
9 hours of work
Link to the Lopunny wallpaper, where it can be downloaded with HD Quality and without watermark.


Lopunny is copyrighted by Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc. TM, ® and Pokémon character names are trademarks of Nintendo.

Lopunny catwalk WIP

This is the Work in progress of my Lopunny catwalk in pictures. With this Lopunny catwalk WIP I try to show how I made the animation and maybe, if you try this on your own, you can avoid mistakes I made. Here we go:

Step1: Outlines

Lopunny´s outlines

I drew the outlines of one picture. I avoided to much details because the more of them the harder it gets. Maybe this are to much details already.

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Lopunny catwalk

Finally I managed to finish the Lopunny catwalk today.  Unfortunately I noticed some mistakes I´m to tired to correct and the Lopunny catwalk is not as smooth as it was supposed to be due to my lack of experience with animations. It was is not easy to draw 30 pictures with smooth variation of shading. Oh and btw, had to draw 30 instead of 29 I first mentioned in an earlier post. This was necessary to lower the lags and smooth things up a bit. The Lopunny catwalk is still not smooth enough I´m afraid.

But to defend myself, it was my first animation I´ve done even without any help of programs like flash or others. I drew every frame what takes a long time. I uploaded the video on  dA.

Stay tuned… working on a sketch

Hey guys,

currently I am working on a sketch. Want to make something special, something I haven´t done yet plus I still haven´t decided which character I choose. Krystal is still new to me also Carmelita Fox but they are both relatively popular. Canina I didn´t drew  for a while but she doesn´t fit into the scene so she can sit on her chair. Also Renamon can go away coz I drew her last time. Lopunny is one of my favorite coz she is always sexy in every scene. 😉

Be suprised…

Something I want to add to kill some hopes or feed some thoughts: I don´t show you how I make my sketch. How to draw a sketch is chewed billions of  times. Everyone can draw (except me but I love pathes and the path tool ^^) and you find tons of videos in the video portal of your choice. And btw… a magician never tells his secrets ;).

Think I will finish my sketch today or tomorrow but I don´t promise.

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