Presentation of Milly and Canina



My newest picture of Canina and Milly. The story behind it can be red here. I began Presentation in June and finished it today. Not that I needed so long but I was involved in two software project and had no time for two month. Click on the picture to have a bigger version hosted on deviantArt.

Presentation of Canina and Milly (WIP)

Work in progress of a picture named presentation with my two very own and unique characters Canina and Milly. I had a talk with two of my friends and we came to the topic: How would you feel if you are standing naked in front of a crowd to your feets?

I never stood above others so I cannot say. But I had a sudden inspiration of putting Milly and Canina above a crowd. Naked of course. I first wanted to put that scene in a little comic. Milly is dragging Canina on a elevated platform with eyes covered behind a scarf or something. I mean Milly is used to have a lot of attention but Canina is not. A last not the way Milly is. As the clicking and flashlight of the cameras begin, Canina is saying:” You gotta be kidding me!”. But a speechbubble would destroy the scene and I decided to make just one picture and tried to achieve the “I don´t want to be here” feeling of Canina in an other way. Honestly I am not sure If I did it right.

I asked my two friends to pose like I described to have a reference. Of course they were not nude. Their boyfriends would kill me.

I made a lot of sketches and took only the best for outlining. Continue reading


Reference sheet of Milly

Milly’s Refsheet

I made a quick simple refsheet of my older character Milly. I did not put too much effort into shading.Milly is a Cow-Goat mix. Her mother is a goat and the father a cow. The story behind Milly will be told in her refpage. I am not finished with the page yet but it is my top task on my to-do-list for spare time. I will post a link here when the page is finished.

More sketches of Milly

As I was in a training course for drawing realistic human bodies last year, I drew a lot of body parts just for training. Legs, feet, hands, heads, booties, boobs, …. The course lasted three month, three days a weak and 90 minutes each. I am a quick learner I was told and I am improved in that three month. One of the big topics was lightning. Unfortunately we drew only human bodies but most of that can be used for furries too. My last work Canina Sexy Side Pose, Canina Back Bose, Canina Another Side Pose and Canina Side Pose II is a result of that course. Of course I still need practice with fur, hair and face proportions but I never said I am perfect. I already joined the next course beginning in June. Same topic but with a different trainer. We also get a living model instead of one displayed via beamer.

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Sketches of Milly

I decided to upload a few sketches I did the last week. They are no new inventions, I just redrew them to have some training. The guy who taught me some tricks said I would have an unusual drawing style. The way I hold the pencil and do the shading is a bit strange but he liked it. I never red a book about drawing characters but I watched a lot of speed drawings on Youtube. Tried it out myself and so I got my skills. Some do not like that others do… to be honest, I do not care. For myself counts the result.

The sketches were scanned by me but unfortunately very bad (maybe it is just my monitor). I will draw some new but this time digitally. I only do “analog” sketches when I have no pen tablet around. For example in a bus or car or at the university.

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Cheating Milly

Cheating by QozbroQqn


Drew a new picture: Cheating

With this picture, I drew my first xxx art. Was a new experience because I never drew genitals before. And with “Cheating”, I introduced my new character Milly. I sketched her a few times before but never was satisfied with a few parts.

Milly is a mixture of goat and cow and has a little problem with her weight. And with her face to be honest but that was my fault and not hers so blame me for that. I will draw a refsheet and I promise I will make a more sexy face. Maybe I will make her a bit less fat as well but she always will be a BBW.

The second character is just a character. In “cheating” he took the role of the male and unfortunately I am not good with drawing males. Do not why but they never looked good. So I decided Milly will kill the fox after she had fun with him.

So if you are interested in the creation process than go over and take a look at here: Cheating WIP
If you are interested in the uncensored version click here: Cheating on FurAffinity

I uploaded the files for the WIP to the downloads section.

xxx couple WIP

xxx Couple

Currently I am drawing a couple while having sex. I never did this before and maybe it is the one and only I draw. It depends on how the people react on my picture.

So here we go. I had to censor the genitals due to certain laws. So if you do NOT want to see offensive pictures, do NOT read page 2. Content which is showed if you click read more: A xxx couple having sex. Only the genitals are censored.

Clicking on page 2 means you want to see it. Continue reading

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