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As I was in a training course for drawing realistic human bodies last year, I drew a lot of body parts just for training. Legs, feet, hands, heads, booties, boobs, …. The course lasted three month, three days a weak and 90 minutes each. I am a quick learner I was told and I am improved in that three month. One of the big topics was lightning. Unfortunately we drew only human bodies but most of that can be used for furries too. My last work Canina Sexy Side Pose, Canina Back Bose, Canina Another Side Pose and Canina Side Pose II is a result of that course. Of course I still need practice with fur, hair and face proportions but I never said I am perfect. I already joined the next course beginning in June. Same topic but with a different trainer. We also get a living model instead of one displayed via beamer.

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Sketches of Milly

I decided to upload a few sketches I did the last week. They are no new inventions, I just redrew them to have some training. The guy who taught me some tricks said I would have an unusual drawing style. The way I hold the pencil and do the shading is a bit strange but he liked it. I never red a book about drawing characters but I watched a lot of speed drawings on Youtube. Tried it out myself and so I got my skills. Some do not like that others do… to be honest, I do not care. For myself counts the result.

The sketches were scanned by me but unfortunately very bad (maybe it is just my monitor). I will draw some new but this time digitally. I only do “analog” sketches when I have no pen tablet around. For example in a bus or car or at the university.

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Started to color my sketch

Like the headline says, I´m already started to color my sketch. I´ll upload soon a video on Youtube and embed it here. I´m still thinking about what length the videos might have or if I record 3 hours and make 1h out of them with cutting and fast-forward. Guess I decide on the fly… 😉

finished sketch

So finally I could finish the sketch today and started already to draw some path. You maybe wonder: what the heck is he doing? Why does drawing a sketch taking so long?

I can´t tell you. It´s just me and my style and with every picture I make I always try something new what needs a long time. Others draw since they are two but I draw for 5 years what gives me a lack of experience of 20 years. 🙂

But I don´t mind. The result counts and the journey is the reward.
I decided for Krystal btw 😉

Stay tuned… working on a sketch

Hey guys,

currently I am working on a sketch. Want to make something special, something I haven´t done yet plus I still haven´t decided which character I choose. Krystal is still new to me also Carmelita Fox but they are both relatively popular. Canina I didn´t drew  for a while but she doesn´t fit into the scene so she can sit on her chair. Also Renamon can go away coz I drew her last time. Lopunny is one of my favorite coz she is always sexy in every scene. 😉

Be suprised…

Something I want to add to kill some hopes or feed some thoughts: I don´t show you how I make my sketch. How to draw a sketch is chewed billions of  times. Everyone can draw (except me but I love pathes and the path tool ^^) and you find tons of videos in the video portal of your choice. And btw… a magician never tells his secrets ;).

Think I will finish my sketch today or tomorrow but I don´t promise.

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