§1 Generally:

If you disagree with any of the following terms or the terms mentioned in links, you should leave the website. If you are against any kind of anthro or furry art or if you do not want to see nudity, sex or similar mature content, please leave the site. While on this site, you agree to the terms of use and the copyright terms.

§2 Content shown on this website:

Please also read the copyright terms.
It is possible, that shown content is not suitable for children eyes or ethics/religious beliefs. Pleas leave the site, if you do not like possible nudity, sex or similar mature content. The website is hosted in a country, in which I do not must censor pictures suitable for FSK16. But I have to censor all pictures with FSK18 content.

§3 Using the content:

I do not allow you to copy, alter or derivate anything showed on my website, if not written otherwise here or in the  copyright terms.

§3.1 What I allow:

I do allow you to use my reference sheets of my own characters  to draw them and upload them somewhere, but you have to credit me in a proper way by naming me and giving a link to my website. Restriction: Do not alter the character itself. Small changes are welcome but do not exaggerate. The character must still be recognizable as the character.

§3.2 Using my character (special terms for my characters):

§3.2.1 Canina:

Because it is my fursona, I do not want to have her in any kind of porn related pictures! There is a strict NO GO on hardcore porn related content, including any kind of fetish, bdsm or other sub-genres. Exceptions: Softcore porn related content but only: Ecchi, Pin-Ups, Nudity*, Couple poses**.

* Breasts size can vary a bit. Orientate at my pictures. If you want to draw the genitals, then just decent and closed. Aroused is OK but still keep it decent and closed. Less is mostly better in my eyes.
** Keep it Ecchi. No sex and even not, if it is just implied!

§3.2.2 Milly:

Milly was created by me as an actress for porn related content of any kind except these: urolagnia, coprophilia, eating feces of any kind, killing, dying, torture, violence meant in any negative way, rape, underage. I do not allow to use Milly for content which shows such exceptions.

If you are unsure with drawing her because you do not know if your picture fits into the exception, ask me or do not draw her. A guideline for suitable content could be the hc/sc – porn shown in the tv.


It is possible, that the downloaded content is not suitable for children eyes, religious or ethics beliefs. It can contain nudity, sex and other mature content. If you are unsure, please do not load any files. With downloading, you agree you have red the copyright terms and know what you are doing.


If something is missing or wrong please contact me and I will add/correct it.

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